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House wife with great tits gets fucked

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Just look at the great tits on this British slut as she gets fucked. This busty English house wife gets fucked hard and she loves it. The slut firstly gets fucked hard with a dildo in her cunt and arse by her husband while he films it and then her husband fucks her mouth, then fucks her in the pussy, then he fucks her up her tight arse. You would think that is where this home made movie would end, but no, this kinky English couple switch. After she whips his but, she then fucks him up the but with a strap on dildo! The amateur porn film finally finishes with our busty wife taking his cum all over her face and in her mouth. Who needs pornstars when there are real amateur girls like this stripping and showing off their gorgeous curves and fucking for real Download the full length movie here at real UK couples

British wife with a tight arse gets fucked in the pussy and arse

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This real amateur couple movie, starts with this amateur slut walking in the video. We first get to see her stiletto heels and very long slim legs. Who loves to watch their wife or girlfriend walking up and down in stiletto heels before you fuck them?  I do, I fucking love it. There is nothing like watching your wife walking around in stiletto heels to get me hard. Luckily for us and her boyfriend this amateur slut loves to bend over and take his big cock up her arse hole. This real couple’s amateur porn movie is one of the hottest films I have seen. the reason being is that this amateur slut loves a nice fat cock, especially up her arse and her boyfriend loves fucking her in the arse hole. I do love it when you see real British amateurs (not porn stars) being fucked hard in the arse.  So what we end up with is a great amateur hardcore porn movie. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

In this second movie, we have this sexy British blonde with with very long legs getting fucked on camera in their home by her husband. Well if you have a wife as sexy and dirty as this you would have to show her off wouldn’t you.

Young amateur couple in threesome with the lodger & a British couple fucking outside

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

This real amateur couples movie starts with the couple and their lodger talking about how they like to go out flashing. Also about how this real amateur slut lap dances for her lodger but he doesn’t get to fuck her. But today he does! He makes up for all the cock teasing that this slut has been doing over the last few months and makes the most of his chance to fuck the landlady and film it. After fucking this amateur whores mouth in a threesome he gets to double penetrate her with her boyfriend and we get a close up of her with a cock up her arse and her cunt. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

I love watching real British amateurs fucking in public. This couple are doing just that in their first amateur porn film. This mature babe goes for a roll in the leaves with her husband. It is all of course captured on film for the guys at real uk couples.

This amateur wife has huge big nipples in this home made porno film

Friday, August 15th, 2014

This real amateur couple were getting married in two weeks after they shot this, lucky for her husband he has got one filthy fucking wife. As we can ALL see in this movie of this amateur British couple. This is their first ever amateur porn movie and I think this British amateur slut has a lot of skill in the amateur porn movie department. I guess it helps that this dirty British amateur is one filthy fucking bitch. I bet their honey moon was fun. This dirty British amateur whore has a great pair of tits. I just loves these big brown pointy nipples she has. The good thing is like all these real amateur couples who make these movies, you can really tell this couple love to fuck. That’s why I like real amateur couples like this couple. They know how to fuck and enjoy fucking. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

In this second movie we have another engaged British couple making their very first porn movie. This amateur tattooed British engaged couple prove their love outside. Fucking and sucking outside in public and on film for us to watch.

Amateur British wife wearing stockings getting fucked on film

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

This real amateur wife loves a nice big cock, either in her mouth, up her cunt or in her arse. Like all the women on real couples, this British amateur just loves cock. It is a good job that the husband of this real amateur couple has a big cock. Big enough to satisfy his wife as we see in their very first home made porno film. Watch this slutty wife take this big cock in all her holes as she performs in front of the camera for this first time. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

In this second movie from real UK couples, this British amateur couple need a bit of courage before they are willing to fuck on film for the first time. So at the hotel, this couple have a few drinks first. Which certainly helps, because these two amateur make a fucking great amateur porn film for us. You could never tell they were nervious by the end of this amateur movie, because this British slag fucks like a pro.

mature wife with big tits gets fucked in this amateur movie

Friday, August 1st, 2014

This isn’t this real amateur couple’s first time fucking in front of the camera. In fact the camera man who shot this home made movie has filmed this couple before. About 8 years before. But this dirty couple of amateurs still love to fuck and still love people watching them fuck and so were glad to make another home made porn film for us. After getting fucked in all her holes. This amateur MILF with big tits gets cock shot over her large boobies and loves it. This is another great film and you can  Download the full length amateur movie here at real uk couples

In this second amateur couples movie this interracial British couple fuck in the car. This white British slapper loves black cock. She loves big black cock especially. So you can imagine that this white British amateur will do anything to hold on to her big black cock boyfriend. He loves fucking outside and is a bit of an exhibitionist. So he often fucks his girlfriend in the car or in public like in this movie.

Interracial British couple making their first porn film

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

This white smoking wife (smoking cigarettes as well as being smoking hot) loves black cock. Well she does look like a dirty fucking bitch and I expect she goes for black cock, because she thinks they will be bigger. That’s why she has a black boyfriend. Who has a big black cock. So she hit it lucky, this real British amateur slut can have as much black cock as she wants This real amateur movie shot at this amateur couples home starts with our slutty amateur fingering her arse hole for us. Then her black boyfriend joins in. Fucking this slut in every hole with his big black cock. The climax of this real amateur movie is that this black stud covers this white amateur slut with his jizz all over her face. This dirty whore then talks to the camera with this spunk all over her. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

British housewife gets fucked with big toys before fucking her husband

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

This real amateur video starts with this slutty housewife in stockings getting fucked with all this couples sex toys. From big black dildo’s fucking her cunt to vibrating toys rubbing her wet cunt. That’s before this real amateur couple move on to some hardcore fucking in front of the camera. To produce this great real amateur hardcore porn film. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

In this second movie taken from real UK couples, this British amateur couple start talking about all the dirty adventures they get up to in bed. This makes both our couple get in the mood for some serious filth on camera, as they act out all the filthy things they do in the bedroom. This is real amateur British porn at its best. If you like real amateur couples fucking then you will fucking love this couple.

British husband and wife fuck outside in public

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

This real amateur couple love going ouside to fuck. Which is a great British past time. More and more British couples are fucking outside, on their own or with complete strangers. since the dogging craze hit Britain. Especially on a hot summers day. Like today, this couple love to fuck outside when the weather is good. This British exhibitionist couple fuck in their car. Over the car, against a fence. Anywhere really. They just love to fuck in public. They love to be watched and so making this amateur porn film was perfect for them. They are real exhibitionists. Whats great is you dont have to find this couple outside now to watch them fuck. Now loads of us can watch this blonde amateur house wife get fucked on film. Because it is all captured on film for us. I love in this amateur movie when they fuck at this farm. It’s a good job the farmer didn’t catch them. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

Blonde wife with long legs in home made porn film

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

This amateur slut has got the longest legs I have seen in a very long time in a real amateur movie. Especially amateur movies involving real amateur couples. What a great body this British amateur girlfriend has. Her boyfriend is a very lucky man, like all the men  at real UK couples. But I must say this blonde bombshell is a real stunner. Much better than the usual skanky amateurs you get in real amateur movies. Usually it is some large BBW, not some slim stunning amateur like this one. I loved watching this amateur film because I love to see really attractive amateurs getting fucked on film. The way this naughty amateur gulps down cock and cum made me shoot my load.  time and again. I have watched this real amateur couple’s home made porn film over and over again. Download the full length movie here at real UK couples Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

In this second real amateur movie, we have a real slim British amateur with small tits, again at home with her boyfriend getting fucked on film for the first time. I love her small titties and the stockings when she is naked and this real British amateur looks fucking hot with her boyfriends cock in her mouth, wish it was mine.

Lucky Husband fucks his wife and a porn star

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

I want this guys wife. I really mean that too. I want to be married to this lucky fuckers wife. Can you believe his wife has organised him to fuck British porn star Suzie Best? Well she has. He fucks her while is wife makes this amateur porn film of him fucking her. Then his wife joins in and they have a threesome. All captured on camera. What could be better than watching your wife licking another woman’s cunt while you fuck her up the arse. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

I love it when a wife or girlfriend dresses up for her man, like this young British amateur slut does for her man. This dirty British amateur wife dresses up as a schoolgirl to seduce hubby, not just a normal schoolgirl but a really slutty schoolgirl. You would think from the way this British amateur slut is dressed that she is a real dirty bitch. You would be right. This amateur slut is a fucking filthy bitch and one of the best amateur fucks I have seen from real UK couples.

Couple take a shower after shooting an amateur porn movie

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

After we filmed this real couple fucking and sucking we decided we could not let the opportunity of filming this slutty blonde amateur another time go. So after the amateur fucking movie we shot with them, we then went on to film them taking a shower. This blonde amateur babe has a great pair of tits and I love seeing her boobs with soap over them as her husband washes her tits off. I would fucking love to join this amateur couple in the shower and get my hands on this sluts boobs. Which I’m sure will be possible as this couple are into the swinging scene. I am sure I will bump into them one day at a swingers club. When I do I am definitely going to get her tits covered in soap in the shower before sticking my cock in mouth. The movie of this amateur couple was great and has some really fantastic home made fucking including amateur anal, amateur blowjobs and cumshots. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

Amateur couple fucking in their bedroom

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

It isn’t very often we get to go into a couples bedroom and watch them fuck is it. Well today we do. We get to see this young amateur couple at home doing what they do all the time when they are on their own. Fuck. After this skinny amateur slut has been fucked in every hole. Her boyfriend wanks into her mouth so she swallows his cum. This is all captured in this great amateur porn film. That happens to be this sexy amateur couples first hardcore porn film. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

If you want to watch two British amateur wives fuck at the same time, I have these two swinger couples fucking at a wife swapping party. These two British amateur couples love swapping and love fucking on film and making their own real amateur porn movies. Which is lucky for us who love to watch real British swingers. These two husbands take it in turn swapping each others wives and fucking them and having each others wives sucking their cock. there is nothing better than having your cock sucked by a strangers wife, while your wife is sucking his cock and you are watching

Wife strips before geting fucked in this home made movie

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

This amateur slut strips and dances in front of her boyfriend and the camera man shooting this amateur porn film. Before she gives him a great fuck. This British amateur slut obviously loves black cock. You can see the way she sucks in on film how much she loves her partners big fat black cock in her mouth. But our amateur housewife doesn’t stop there. She gets fucked in every hole while the camera keeps rolling. So we end up with this great amateur porn film. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

In this second movie, we have a nervous couple fucking for the very first time on film. They do start off nervous but it isn’t long before this real British amateur couple are fucking hard in front of the camera. Real Couples is a site with an archive of totally exclusive movies featuring amateur British couples filming their hardcore sex lives. So you can expect that this real amateur porn movie will be great like all, their films. This is a fucking hot couple and the fact that they are nervous makes it even more sexy

Amateur wife who pole dances for her husband before he fucks her

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

In this real amateur movie we see this kinky wife talking on film before we move to the bedroom. How many people have a pole in their bedroom for their wife or girlfriend to pole dance before them? Not many I would think. Thats why I like this couple and this home made porn movie that they made. You see this with pole dance before getting fucked hard and its all captured on film. This real amateur couple have been married for 3 years and this was their first hardcore amateur porn film they shot together. lets hope it isn’t their last. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples

This amateur couple love to watch porn together on the internet, before acting out all the porn they see themselves. This guy loves to film his wife and then upload his movies to the internet. If you love real British amateurs at home you must take a look at this video. This guy is a real pervert and his amateur wife is a filthy fucking slut, which is perfect for lovers of real amateur porn.

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