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“You shouldn’t be here.”

The girl looks at him and pouts, green eyes wide, her head canted. Max can almost hear the cogs whirring while she processes his statement. He watches her face and sees the shift towards vulpine when she smirks and tosses her head, flicking long blonde hair away from her face with her fingers.

With both hands on her hips and her chest thrust forward, the girl breathes, “Oh, come on, Mister Winter. I only came to apologise.”

He’s trembling, throat working through a heavy gulp as his eyes flick over her. It’s an involuntary act, Max doesn’t want to look at her body packed into ragged-hemmed cut-offs and skimpy crop-top, but he just can’t stop himself. Despite his deep misgivings Max thinks she’s exquisite: straight hair, button nose and green eyes in an elfin face so deceptively innocent it’s shocking now he’s come to realise Stephanie’s true nature. He stands at the front door and soaks her up, the fingers of one hand white and straining as he grips the door, his appraisal running quickly over high tight breasts, a taut stomach and navel stud glittering at least three inches above the waistband of her insignificant denim shorts.

Max sucks in a breath, the air hissing through his nose while he struggles against the urges rising inside him. I could just run my hands over those smooth legs all afternoon…

“Stephanie, please,” Max croaks, swallowing again. “You don’t need to apologise. It would be best if you let it lie. Honestly … You shouldn’t be here. I–”

“But I’ve been thinking about it, Mister Winter…”

Max knows she’s playing him. She might sound contrite and seem close to tears, eyes brimming as she blinks at him, lower lip trembling, but he’s certain it’s an act.

“…and I feel like such an idiot. It was a stupid thing to do. I’ve fancied you for ages and I’d had a drink or two…”

“Jesus, Stephanie,” Max groans. He lets go of the door and combs his fingers through thick hair. “You’re nineteen, I’m nearly fifty. You’re the same age as my daughter … I’m married. You’ve lived next door since you were born. I’m friends with your parents…” He sets his jaw and regards the girl with a serious look. Max digs deep and summons the will to resist the obvious but effective attempt at seduction. “I’m flattered but there’s just no way. I’m sorry, Steph.”

“Don’t you like me?” Stephanie asks in a little-girl voice she delivers with an accompanying up-and-under look.

It’s so transparent Max could laugh. “Come on, Stephanie … Don’t try that with me.”

Her expression has gone from sly, through wounded, and on to belligerent. “Try what?” the girl says, crossing her arms.

Max frowns, a little surprised to notice Stephanie’s eyes have darkened. He sees her face and feels a ripple of dark arousal: her anger excites him.

He decides to goad her, to see if he can have a little fun. “Giving me that look,” he says, nudging his chin at Stephanie as he mirrors her pose. Max crosses his arms while adding, “Pretending you’re upset. It doesn’t fool me, Steph. I’ve been around, I know the score. I used to think you were a sweet girl but I’ve seen through you now.”

Max is rewarded by the flash of emerald fire when belligerence morphs to outright hostility. “You wanker,” Stephanie hisses through snarling lips and a pristine portcullis of white teeth. “I came to say sorry and you start on saying horrible things. I fancied you … I thought you were sexy and I wanted to kiss you.”

Stephanie revs up and Max glances at her hands as she gesticulates wildly. He sees her long nails and steps back a pace – it would be difficult explaining scratches on his cheek to his wife.

“I can get men if I want, you know,” Stephanie rants. “Look at me…” She gestures at the front of her body with a sweep of both hands. “I’ve got men chasing me, Mister Winter. They want this body, they go stupid over me. If I wanted to I could get myself someone in five seconds.” A snap of her fingers emphasises Stephanie’s point. She glares at Max and continues with, “But not you … Oh no, you’ve got a daughter my age … You’re married…” Stephanie grimaces, mouth twisted with disgust. I came to apologise for making an idiot of myself, that’s all…”

“Get in,” Max growls.

Caught off guard, Stephanie blinks and says, “What?”

Max steps aside, the hallway behind him. “I said, get in.” He tilts his head, watching the girl as her flawless brow creases.

Stephanie examines the corridor. She peers into the house and then glances at Max, her anger evaporating. “Why?” she asks, tone uncertain.

“Because I want to kiss you and I can’t do it out here.” His eyes rove over Stephanie’s body, desire plain to see as Max licks his lips. He’s hard, his erection tight inside his cargo pants. “You say men go mad for your body, Steph?

“…Well, I want you,” he rumbles, expression hungry.

Her heart-rate accelerates like a jet leaving an aircraft carrier. “Tell me what you want to do with me,” Stephanie breathes, heat flooding her vulva.

His eyes narrow while he shows the girl a lascivious, lupine grin. “Everything,” Max sighs, indicating the inside of the house with a jerk of his head. “Now, come in – or do I have to make you?”


“Fucking hell, Steph…” Janet Binks gapes at her friend, stunned. She pauses and adds a breathless, “Then what happened?”

They’re at work, gossiping in the shelter outside. Stephanie smokes while Janet listens agog.

Stephanie shrugs, nonchalance personified. “I went in,” she grins.

“And?” Janet asks.

Stephanie takes a drag on her cigarette and flicks ash with a delicate tap of her forefinger. Blowing reedy blue smoke towards the sky she eyes the older woman, smirking when she says, “What do you want to know?”

“I want to know what you got up to, you filthy tart.” Janet’s eyes are huge, her face slack while her jaw dangles.

Stephanie shrugs. “The usual.”

Janet’s mouth closes. She grimaces and rolls her eyes. “Don’t muck about, Steph,” she whines. “Tell me. It’s been ages since I had a bit of fun, at least give me something I can use later.”

Snorting a laugh, Stephanie turns to her friend. “You’re going to wank about it?”

As far as Janet is concerned she will concede to having three lovers at the same time: her fingers, a vibrator, and her imagination. Listening to Stephanie always gives her mind fresh fodder to graze on during her lonely nights in bed.

Red-faced, Janet looks at her shoes and nods. “Well, yes. You know I love to hear about the things you get up to. If I can’t find anyone to have fun with for myself, I’ll live vicariously through you.”

The atmosphere between the two women thickens. Janet blinks when she senses the charge in the air. She glances around, furtive, checking to see if anyone is approaching when Stephanie begins to talk, the blonde girl’s voice clotted with her own desire.

“I sucked his dick, Jan. Almost straight away. We were in the hall, just inside the front door. When I walked in he slammed it shut and grabbed me. We kissed for a long time – you know, all hot and heavy, his hands all over me.”

Stephanie regards Janet and experiences a rush of lust when she sees the look on the other woman’s face.

“What next?” Janet mumbles.

“He yanked my top up and sucked my tits. He was groaning and breathing hard, Jan. He sucked at me and kept on muttering about my body and how he wanted to fuck me.”

Thrilled by the effect her tale was having on Janet, Stephanie is deliberately crude when she continues with, “He unzipped and pulled out this huge cock. Honest, Jan, it was fucking massive; one with a big bulging head and a shaft criss-crossed with veins. It looked like a club. When I first saw it I thought it would batter my pussy senseless.”

“Oh God,” Janet sighs, transfixed, both appalled and fascinated.

Warming to her theme, Stephanie says, “He made me get down on my knees and suck it. He was so strong, so determined, Jan. He was a different bloke to the one I’ve known for so long. He was wild – an animal. It was all no-nonsense, no messing about. He told me to get down and start sucking. He moaned at me to wank it. He told me he was going to come on my face, said I’d look beautiful that way.”

Janet gulps, a gasp coming out of her. “Jesus,” she sighs, “That’s so bloody dirty.”

Stephanie chuckles and then nods. “Yeah, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know if I want to hear any more, Steph,” Janet says. “I might go mad before I get home.”

“There’s always the toilet, Jan,” Stephanie replies, eyes glittering with mischief.

Janet grimaces. “That’s a bit desperate.”

“But it wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Shut up, you,” says Janet, giving the blonde a gentle, jocular push.

Stephanie takes a final pull on the cigarette and drops it to the concrete. She grinds it out with the sole of one high-heeled shoe. “Do you want to hear any more?”

Janet glances at her watch and pulls a face. “I don’t know, Steph – shouldn’t we be getting back?”

“He fucked me in the hallway,” Stephanie continues. “I had my top up to my neck. He’d pulled my bra down and had my shorts down to my knees. Max turned me round and just about slammed me against the wall. He just ripped my knickers off, Jan.”

“Oh bloody hell,” Janet mumbles, squirming, agitated. Masturbating in the toilet is fast becoming a very attractive option.

“He made me lean forward with my arms against the wall. Then he grabbed at me and pulled my arse towards him. The next thing I knew I was full of his cock. I didn’t realise how wet I was, Jan.”

Stephanie’s voice is a narcotic near-whisper and Janet hangs on every word, mouth sagging, lips moist.

“He went mad for me. Max was moaning on about my body and my pussy. I was stuffed full of his big cock and he was going at me like a wild man. You should have heard the things he was saying, Jan. He was moaning on about all the things he was going to do to me. It was fucking hot to hear him … Some of it was proper filthy.”

“You lucky bitch,” Janet sighs, slowly shaking her head.

Stephanie laughs and says, “You don’t know the half of it, Jan.”

With another look at the time, Janet urges her friend to go on. “What else, Steph? Quick. Tell me.”

Pulling a face, Stephanie says, “Well, we went at it in the hallway for a bit. Then he pulls out and drags me to the living room. It’s a lovely house. Nice stuff, really clean and modern. Better furnished than our place.”

Janet whines in frustration. “I couldn’t give a toss about the décor, Steph – just bloody tell me.”

“Okay,” Stephanie grins as she rolls her eyes. “All right…

“Well, he dragged me to this massive sofa and gets me to sit on it. Then he stands in front of me and makes me suck him again.”

“You tasted yourself?” gasps Janet.

“Fucking hell, Jan,” Stephanie sighs. “It isn’t the first time I’ve sucked a cock after it’s been inside me…

“Anyway, he made me suck it again and then pushed me back so he could lick my pussy. It was so good … He really knows what he’s doing. Give me an older bloke anytime. It was fucking hot seeing his face when he stared at me down there.”

“Duh-did you cuh-come?” squeaks Janet, feet moving as she dances on the spot like she needs to pee.

Stephanie smirks and nods slowly, eyes fixed on her friend’s face. “Oh yes. Did I ever.”

Janet shudders, eyes closing. She breathes deep, sucking in air, her generous chest expanding. “And did he fuck you on the sofa too, Steph?”

Nodding briskly, eyes gleaming, Stephanie’s voice creaks under the strain when she says, “God yes, Jan. He hooked my legs around his arms and banged me good and proper. He was a machine going at me. I was squealing like a pig. I couldn’t do anything except lie there all scrunched up while he did what he wanted. I was helpless. My poor pussy took such a beating.”

Janet holds up a hand, wincing as she gasps, “Enough. Stop it. I’ll be rubbing myself off right here if you don’t shut up about it.”

“Ha!” Stephanie blurts. “There’s something else, Jan–”

But Stephanie is forced to stop it. Two people are approaching: smokers with their eye on the shelter.

“Meet after work and tell me the rest?” Jan suggests before their privacy is disturbed.

Stephanie smirks. She knows where it will end up.

“Okay,” the girl agrees, nodding. “Can I come to yours? I’ll bring wine…”


They’re in Janet’s flat. Stephanie is in the living room while Janet sits on the toilet, her water splashing into the bowl. It’s 7 p.m. and she’s a little fizzy in the head from drinking red wine on an empty stomach.

Suddenly the door opens and Janet looks up, shocked. “You shouldn’t be here,” she squeaks.

Stephanie leans against the door jamb and crosses her arms. She smirks at the older woman who’s still pissing a stream into the toilet. “I thought you might be wanking.”

“Well I’m not!” Janet yips, indignant. She shoos Stephanie away with a flick of her fingers. “So get out while I pee. Jesus, Steph…” she gasps.

Unperturbed and apparently glued to the door frame Stephanie stays where she is. “Did you flick your bean at work?” she asks, deliberately crude to get a reaction from her friend. It’s always sport with Janet. Stephanie enjoys provoking her.

“For God’s sake!” Janet splutters. Her flow ceases and she grabs for the toilet roll, dabbing a swatch between her legs before she rises and recovers her modesty.

Stephanie rolls her eyes and pushes away from the door frame. “I don’t know what the big deal is, Jan,” she says, eyebrows arched to her hairline. “We all piss, babe.”

“You always have to be so dirty-mouthed, don’t you,” Janet snaps, yanking the flush lever with more vehemence than it needs.

Stephanie is quick to retort. “You seemed to enjoy it this afternoon. I can recall you getting all squirmy when I told you about Max’s big cock.”

Janet chews her bottom lip and eyes her friend. There’s a tingle between her legs, a resurgent tickle of arousal Stephanie’s graphic description elicited earlier in the day.

“Okay,” Janet sighs. “You win. Tell me more, Steph.”

“About Max and his big cock and what we did?” the blonde asks, advancing.

Janet’s eyes go wide when Stephanie walks right to her, the younger woman coming in close. “Wuh-what are you doing?” she warbles.

“Telling you about how good it was to fuck max’s dick,” Stephanie breathes, her fingers brushing Janet’s cheek. “But I want to kiss you first, Jan.” She lifts one shoulder in a half-shrug. “I thought we could both have a go at ourselves – you know, have a little play while I tell you about it.”

Backing away into a corner, Janet stutters and mewls, “I … I … uh … I’m not a lesbian, Steph.”

Stephanie chuckles and moves in close once again. “Neither am I,” she whispers, lifting her skirt to her waist.

Janet gasps when Stephanie takes hold of her hand to guide the older woman’s fingers to her vulva. “God, Steph – where are your knickers?”

“I took them off. They were soaked anyway.” Stephanie squirms against Janet’s fingers as she holds the other woman’s hand between her legs. “Feel how wet I am, Jan.”

Janet gulps, mouth falling open. She can’t quite believe what’s happening. She knows she has her hand on Stephanie’s sex, Janet can feel the flesh slick with desire. It occurs to her to think it’s all wrong and she knows she should pull her fingers free…

But she can’t bring herself to do it.

“Are you wet, too?” Stephanie groans, her free hand tugging at Janet’s skirt. “Let me feel you, Jan.” The blonde is agitated, her request an urgent squeak as she hauls at Janet’s clothing. “Please, let me touch you. I want to feel your pussy, Jan. I want to finger you and hear you moan.”

“Steph … Jesus. No, Steph. Please…”

But it’s no use. Stephanie is too strong for her. Janet writhes and wriggles but can’t escape the expeditionary fingers from finding her clit. Stephanie’s hand is inside Janet’s underwear, the digits searching for the nub at the apex of her sex.

Gasping, Janet mumbles, “Oh shit. No, Steph. We can’t.”

But then she succumbs when the blonde’s fingers begin to work at her. Janet whines when Stephanie’s lips her mouth.


“What are you doing?” Janet groans.

It’s gone well past kissing and fingering. By now Janet is naked, kneeling on the sofa while Stephanie holds her buttocks splayed.

“Licking your arsehole,” Stephanie replies, ever crude as she ducks in to dab the tip of her tongue at Janet’s puckered sphincter.

“You filthy bitch,” Janet sighs in response, making no move to pull away.

“It’s what Max did to me. He got me all worked up and wet before he fucked mine.”

Janet squirms, the delicious thrill of Stephanie’s tongue invading her taboo hole too sweet to deny. “He fucked your arse!?” she yelps.

Stephanie probes some more before she pulls back. “Yeah, he did. He was pretty intense about it. He said my arse is the best he’s seen. He kept banging on about how much he loved my legs and bottom. He kept on rubbing my calves and thighs and then just flipped me onto my front do he could get at me.

“He licked it like this…”

Janet moans and gasps when Stephanie gets in there again.

“…And then he told me he wanted to put his cock in there. You should’ve heard the things he said about it, Jan?”

“Wuh-will you tell me?” Janet whines. She twists round, swivelling at the waist so she can look at her friend. “Please.”

“In a bit,” gasps Stephanie. “I’ll tell you all about it but I need to rub my clit first. Oh, Jan,” the girl whines, “I’m so fucking horny.”

“Me too,” Janet squeaks in response. “You’ve got me all worked up, you filthy tart. I’ve never done anything like this before. I didn’t know I could have so much fun with a woman.”

Stephanie nods, rising to her feet while Janet turns and slumps into the sofa. “Let’s wank, Jan,” the blonde mutters, collapsing sprawl-limbed alongside her friend. “I’ll tell you all about Max fucking my dirty-hole. That’s what he called it. He went on about my ‘muddy-hole’ and my ‘tight little dirt-box’.”

Air hisses in through Janet’s nose when she sucks in a deep breath. She shakes her head and asks, “What did it feel like, Steph? Did it hurt? You said he was massive…” The woman’s face turns to regard her friend as her fingers slosh though labia tacky and sodden with lust.

Rubbing her own clit, Stephanie nods. “He squirted lube on his dick. He rubbed some over my arse too, but he was still fucking huge when he went in. Thing is, Jan I was so fucking mad for it by then…

“I was wound up from him fucking and licking my pussy I was begging him to use me any way he wanted.” Stephanie winces and mutters an obscenity, her fingers working her clit, two digits slipping into her opening as she recalls the burn at her sphincter when Max first eased his length into her anus. “It hurt, yeah, but it wasn’t unpleasant,” she tells her friend, “–if I’m making any sense?”

Janet stares at the girl, large breasts shivering while she diddles her vulva, fingers describing quick, urgent circles near her clit. “I think I understand,” she gurgles, a sob hitching in her chest.

The sensations are getting beyond the tolerable. The pleasure intensifies – she’s going to come very soon.

“Would you do it again, Steph?” Janet winces. “Did you come?” She moans and grunts, climax simmering close to the boil. “Did he come, Steph? Inside you – did he come in your arse?”

“You like it, don’t you?” Stephanie gasps. She gazes at the older woman, face slackening while her eyelids fall like a heavy curtain. “It’s getting you hot, isn’t it, Jan?” mumbles Stephanie, throat clotted with the orgasm foaming inside her.

“Tell me,” Janet grimaces. “Just fucking tell me, Steph.”

“Agh, fuck, I’m going to come,” Stephanie whines, middle and third fingers of her right hand buried up to the knuckle in her opening. She lifts one leg and reaches under herself with the other hand, the tip of a forefinger popping into her sphincter. “Yes!” she cries. “Oh God, Jan – yes! He tore my bottom apart and fucked in deep. Then he let out this huge grunt and told me he was going to let it all go in my arse.”

“Oh-oh-oh!” Janet yelps. “Oh, Steph … Jesus … Shit…”


He strokes his length and stares at them. His opinion hasn’t altered – Stephanie is still exquisite. Desire blooms hot in a place way down deep when he looks at her derriere, those taut globes so youthful and perfect. Max throws a look towards the other one, to the older, heavier woman Stephanie has convinced to join them. His glance goes to her breasts before he looks at her face.

Pretty enough, great tits – one of those women who doesn’t know how sexy she really is. Self-image issues, probably been shit on – divorced and unsure. Okay, not in the same league as Steph, but…

“Are you going to sit and stare all night?” he asks.

Janet blinks and throws a decidedly anxious look towards Stephanie.

Max waggles his cock, the long weight of him heavy in his fist. “Or are you going to come here and give this a kiss?”

“Come on,” Stephanie says, grinning. “Come with me, Jan. Let’s suck it. We can share.”

Janet gazes at Max’s erection, desire and trepidation churning in a heady, confusing mix. Stephanie hadn’t exaggerated when she’d said he was huge.

“You took that in your bottom?” Janet gasps to the younger woman.

Max chuckles. “Yes,” he purrs. “She did.” He waves his cock again while smirking at Janet. “And you can, too. If you want your muddy-hole fucking, Jan – I’m your man.”

“Oh God,” Janet breathes, slowly shaking her head. “I don’t think so.”

On the bed, Max pouts and shrugs. “No problem,” he says. “But what about giving it a lick instead?” he grips himself with two hands, wincing and moaning with the pleasure as he strokes the full length of his cock.

Stephanie moves to the bed, knee-walking to her lover before she lowers herself onto her front, a hand going to Max’s dick

“Fuck yes, babe,” Max sighs, his stare fixed on Stephanie’s face. “Tug it. Wank it. Shit, Steph, suck me. That’s it. Get your lips around me. Go on, girl.” He lies back, moaning in appreciation when Stephanie slurps her tongue over him from tip to balls. “Oh Jesus she’s good,” the man adds, groaning again, the blonde’s lips stretched over the big domed head, cheeks concave, her hand working at the shaft.

Stephanie sucks and slobbers over Max’s impressive erection. She spits at it, massaging saliva over the shaft, her eyes locked on the tower of male gristle while Janet stands by and watches.

“You wanna taste it?” asks Stephanie, her hand moving quickly as she looks across to Janet.

Unsure now she’s confronted with the reality, Janet can only stare. She’s overwhelmed by where she is and what she’s seeing. It was all so simple when she was so desperately horny and Stephanie came up with the idea. Meeting Max at the hotel and drinking in the bar was exciting, the anticipation a hot thrill between her legs. But now she’s naked with them both and expected to take part in a threesome – the wildest sexual experience of her life – she’s worried and anxious.

Janet was suddenly terrified when she thinks about her tender, vulnerable anus being invaded by the monster cock her friend was is making such a fuss over.

“I … I don’t know,” Janet whines, gawping.

Stephanie looks at her for a few seconds and then laughs. “Watch me do it if you’re too scared,” she says, smirking across at Janet. Then, winking she adds, “You can watch me fuck him, too.”

Janet’s attention goes from Stephanie’s pretty face distorted around Max’s girth to where the man himself smirks at her. Her stomach flips when she sees his expression, one of his hands stroking Stephanie’s blonde hair. He’s watching her, assessing her, his look predatory while he caresses his pet.

In a moment of prescience, with their gazes locked, Janet realises she will eventually succumb. This man is going to use her rectum. Janet is sure the act won’t be consummated the same day, there’s no way she’s ready to accept him into her body – not the back-door anyway.

But … one day…

Max grins when Janet moves closer to the bed. “You’re quite beautiful, you know,” he says, his voice close to a whisper. “Turn around.” Max lifts his hand from Stephanie’s head and rotates a forefinger. Janet hears the man sigh after she turns to show him her back view. “Lovely,” he breathes. “Come closer, Janet. Come right up to the bed. I want to touch you.”

Stephanie looks up when her friend complies. The blonde’s hand continues jacking at Max, her attention flicking between the pair while time slows for her. She’s transfixed, with Janet’s expression stirring some odd feelings in her.

For Stephanie it started out as fun, something dirty to do, something clandestine and exciting. The anal sex was an experience, not the most pleasant at first, but one she’s come to savour. The sensation of being filled with Max’s girth, the sheer mass of him invading her and stretching her sphincter makes her wet whenever she recalls the act. It’s a complicated mix of emotions: there’s a lot of trust involved, which surprised her at first, the fidelity mixed in with excitement and sexual arousal, delicious anticipation and a dash of fear. She isn’t too sure about Max’s motivation; Stephanie isn’t sure about his feelings for her – which she thinks are probably all carnal – but she’s beginning to believe she’s more than a little in love with him. And seeing Max reaching for Janet’s big round backside brings a hot rush of jealousy rushing up her throat.

It’s a paradoxical few seconds for the blonde: she hates what she’s seeing but also craves the moment she‘ll see Janet with her buttocks splayed while Max introduces the huge bulb of his cock-head to the older woman’s sphincter.

In an abrupt move, while Max fondles Janet’s fleshy globes, Stephanie levers upright and shunts along the bed on her bottom. “Kiss me, Max,” she purrs, an action designed to assert her place in the pecking order of her lover’s affections. “Then fuck me. I need you to fuck my hot little pussy. I’m so fucking wet for you.”

Janet’s head bobs and she sucks in air when Max’s hand slides between her thighs, his fingers finding her vulva swollen and sodden with desire. Squirming and moaning she watches the couple kiss, her lower lip between her teeth.

“I want to do that, too,” mumbles Janet while rubbing her slick flesh against Max’s fingers. Lust is a hot flare between her legs and her nipples are tight, fleshy points aching for someone to suck them. She mauls her breasts, plucking the teats with the tips of her forefingers and thumbs, teasing her body until it tingles.

“Kiss her, Steph,” Max growls, pointing at Janet with his free hand. “Let me watch you two girls for a bit.”

Stephanie sucks her lover’s tongue while regarding Janet from the corner of her eye. Then she rises up, kneeling, hands on her hips, expression calculating.

“You hear him, Jan?” the girl asks, nodding to the grinning, supine man. “Get on the bed,” she snaps, tone commanding, eyes flashing green. “On your back, legs open.”

With some trepidation, Janet complies. She eyes Max uncertainly, hesitating before a bark from Stephanie has her scrambling onto the bed.

“Watch me lick her, Max,” Stephanie purrs, splaying Janet’s meaty labia with the tips of her fingers. The older woman squeaks when Stephanie’s forefinger teases her clit. “I’ll get her hot and ready, babe.” She winks at her lover and purrs, “I want to suck her pussy off your big cock.”

“Nineteen and nasty,” Max says, shaking his head. “Incredible,” he sighs while jacking his length and jutting his chin at the blonde. “Go on, then. Show me.” Max sits up to better witness the scene. He rolls onto his side and reaches for one of Janet’s breasts, ducking in to suck one thick, elongated teat before moving up to kiss her mouth.

“Kiss me, too,” Stephanie squeaks, her face coming up over the parapet of Janet’s pronounced pubic mound. “Taste her on my tongue, Max.”

It goes on for a few minutes, with Max alternating between the two women, his tongue probing Janet’s mouth until Stephanie offers herself to him again.

Meanwhile, with two people at her, Janet is a writhing, gasping mess. She can’t concentrate on any single sensation. Stephanie’s tongue laps at her clit, the girl’s fingers probing her insides while Max kisses her, his hands mauling tit-flesh or running all over Janet’s body. Janet reaches for the man’s cock, the girth and weight of it thrilling her. She manages a few tugs but can’t keep up, dropping the thing when the first fizz of her climax rises like bubbles of air in water.

“I think…” Janet groans. “Oh!” she yelps. “I think I’m going to come!”

When she hears Janet call out, Stephanie rises to her knees. She grabs at the older woman, contriving to roll her over onto her front.

Janet gasps and blurts out a protest. “No, God, don’t–”

“Get up,” Stephanie cries, slapping Janet’s generous rump with the flat of a hand. “On your hands and knees. Get up!” She smacks Janet’s bottom again, a scarlet handprint rising on pale skin.

“Ow! Shit … Stop it,” Janet complains, struggling up onto her elbows.

“Stick it out,” Stephanie growls while Max looks on. “Your arse, bitch,” she adds, hauling the older woman around to her specification.

“God, what are you going to do?” Janet warbles while lifting herself up on straight arms and swivelling at the waist to see what’s going on behind her. “I don’t want his cock in my arse!” she cries, blinking fearfully.

Stephanie laughs and slaps Janet again, fingers kneading pliant flesh. “Don’t panic,” she coos, splaying Janet’s buttocks. “I’m just going to give you a little tongue.”

Max chuckles when Janet sobs in delight and moans, “Oh God, yes. Lick me there, Steph,” the woman croaks, head dipping. Janet’s forehead sinks to the bed, nipples brushing the quilt cover, a long low moan bubbling out of her.

“Get her, Steph,” Max says, moving so he can see the blonde’s pink tongue tickling the dark smudge.

Stephanie slides two fingers into Janet’s sex, curling the digits so she can rub at her, her thumb busy at her slippery, excited clit, her tongue wriggling and squirming at the older woman’s sphincter.

“She likes her muddy-hole being licked, Max,” Stephanie says, lifting her face from the crease between Janet’s buttocks for a moment. “You want to taste her, too?”

So Stephanie and Max both work at Janet. Both of them take turns to lick her rectum, the pair kissing in-between, Stephanie’s fingers constantly working at Janet’s body.

“Oh, oh God,” groans Janet after a minute or two of absolute delight. “I’m close again. Oh, please, let me come this time.”

Stephanie works hard while Max kneels next to her, his arm around the blonde’s shoulder while they kiss. The man jacks his cock, the other hand slipping down over Stephanie’s body until he finds the tight cinch of her waist. Then he reaches further round so he can squeeze one taut buttock.

“I’m going to pussy-fuck her,” he mumbles into the blonde’s mouth. “Then I’m going to punish your anus.”

Stephanie squirms and moans. “Yes,” she breathes. “That’ll be so fucking rude, Max.”


Janet moans when the big cock-head nudges her opening. She squirms, spreading her thighs wider, legs folded at the knees as she squints down to where her sex gapes all hot and scarlet, labia pouting. Shifting her rump against the bed she wriggles to angle her pelvis, cunt uptilted so Max can enter her. Janet gasps and raises her wide-eyed, slack-lipped gaze to Stephanie, wincing when the domed bell-end pushes into her body, three inches of the thing sliding in.

“Fucking lovely, isn’t it?” Stephanie murmurs, her focus locked on the sight. “God, just look at it going into you.” The blonde rubs herself, fingers working at her sex, her free hand caressing Janet’s breasts. “You like it, Jan?” the girl squeaks. She thinks it’s one of the horniest things she’s ever seen – Janet on her back, legs wide with her body open and receptive to the supreme example of male ardour invading her.

Janet squeaks a response, nodding while staring at Stephanie, eyes wide.

“Fuck her, babe,” Stephanie breathes into Max’s ear.

When Max turns a slack face towards her, Stephanie leans in to kiss him, her orgasm ballooning.

“I’m going to come,” the blonde girl whines, hand working urgently between her toned, unblemished thighs. “Fuck her, Max. Smash her pussy.”

While Max fucks into Janet, Stephanie alternates her attention between them. She kisses Max during the run-in to her orgasm, sobbing as the pleasure hits her, the tsunami wave pouring over her senses. It gets very vague for a time, but when she recovers enough to recognise what’s going on Stephanie finds herself with Janet’s tongue in her mouth.

The older woman gasps and moans, hands grabbing at Stephanie when her own climax slams into her.

“Go on, Jan,” Stephanie mewls, her face inches from the other woman’s. She gazes into a visage twisted with lust, Janet babbling and groaning and gasping, body wracked in paroxysms of violent thrashing, nerveless thighs juddering. “Come, babe. Oh, fucking hell … Look at her, Max,” the girl whines. “Just look at her coming.”

“Lie down, Steph,” Max grunts, grimacing, cords in his neck stark as knife blades. “On your front. Get down there and spread your cheeks.”

Stephanie scrambles to comply. She lies on her front, both hands at her buttocks as she spreads her cheeks.

With Janet still moaning as her climax tapers, Max eases out, his shaft smeared with creamy blobs of Janet’s desire. He slides off the bed and grabs for a tube of lube on the three-tier chest close-by.

Stephanie squirms when the unguent plops onto dark smudge of her sphincter. She moans when Max smears the gloop over the puckered roundel, the tip of his finger dipping inside.

“Oh fuck,” the blonde groans, a sob bursting from her chest when she feels Max settle on top of her. “My tight, tiny arsehole,” she whines, face pressed against the bed. “Be kind to it, Max. Please,” Stephanie gasps. “Please don’t hurt my little bottom.”

The sound of Stephanie’s little-girl lisp sends a huge thrill of desire through Max. He knows she’s putting it on, Max knows it’s part of the game but it works regardless of being contrived.

“I’m going to ravage your muddy-hole,” he murmurs, his mouth close to the girl’s ear.

Stephanie shudders and moans when the man’s hot breath and dark intent waft over the back of her neck.

She lifts her hips, angling herself to make it easier for Max to probe her sphincter. “Ooh,” she squeaks. “Push it in, Daddy. Fuck my nasty little dirt-box.”

“Oh God … Oh Jesus,” Janet gasps, sufficiently recovered to comprehend what’s going on. “That’s so filthy she mumbles, agog at the obscenities the couple banter back-and-forth.

Max holds himself in one hand, precariously balanced over the blonde’s body. “I’ll fuck it all right, Stephanie,” he growls. Max then smears his cock-head against the greasy ring of muscle, nudging himself at the sphincter and causing the girl lying beneath him to groan.

The low, curdled moan brings a death’s-head grimace to Max’s face. He grins, his expression a rictus of dark urges when he presses the brutal weapon against that tender, vulnerable place.

“It’s going to split you in two,” he growls. “Your tight little arsehole is going to get a pounding.”

“Ooh, Daddy,” the blonde mewls. “Please, put it in. My bottom needs fucking. I’m a wicked girl and I need to be punished.”

“You two…” Janet breathes, shocked but unbelievably aroused at the same time. Despite her recent climax she rubs herself, wincing when her fingers slip over her over-used and very sensitive clit.

Stephanie laughs, her neck twisting so she can look at Janet. “Told you,” she gurgles, fingers clawing at her buttocks so she can spread herself further apart. “He’s such a dirty fucker, Jan.” The girl twists round, swivelling at the waist as far as she can manage so she can look up at Max. “Tell her what you’re going to do to me, babe,” she gasps, body contorted.

Flicking a glance at Janet, Max gulps and rubs his forehead against one bicep to wipe the beads of sweat from his brow.

He pauses, poised on the cusp of lunging. “I’m going to ruin this slut’s rectum,” he says, gulping.

Stephanie groans when he prods her anus.

“I’m going to ream her nasty little arse. I’ll fuck her and make her scream.”

The girl writhes and thrusts her hips up. “God,” whines Stephanie. “Do it. Please just put it in. My bottom needs your big cock.”

“You want it?” max grunts, pushing down to meet her. “Do you?”

In a sudden lunge the resistance is overcome. Stephanie’s sphincter pops and Max slips in a few inches.

The blonde girl yelps and then mumbles a thick-lipped and curdling, “It burns. Oh fuck, my arse is burning.

Max chuckles and throws Janet a look. “Isn’t she beautiful,” he sighs, easing deeper.

“It’s big! It’s too big! You’re splitting me apart. Daddy, please stop. I can’t take it. My bottom…”

Max goes in deeper, knowing Stephanie is playing her game. The last thing she wants is for him to pull out.

He sees Janet staring, her hand working between her legs. Max indicates she should come closer with a jerk of his head.

“Come here, Jan. Come and watch this. Just watch this gorgeous girl take my dick in her arse.” He eases back, an action that brings an urgent blurt of protest from Stephanie. “Don’t worry, babe,” Max croons, ducking in to kiss the blonde’s shoulder. “I’m only showing our friend what your lovely little rosebud looks like all tight around my cock.”

Stephanie claws at the bed, mouth pressed into the cover as she mumbles a muffled, “Push it all the way in. I want to feel stuffed full of you. Oh,” she sobs, “I love you. I love you doing this to me…”

Max pauses, his length stalled on the instroke. He leans in, torso angled over his lover. “What did you say?” he murmurs.

Stephanie is confused, her mind whirling. She realises something is amiss but can’t quite figure out just what the issue might be.

Gulping before sucking in a deep draught of air through her nose the girl thrusts her pelvis up, buttocks flattening against Max’s stomach. “I don’t know,” she mewls. “I love you doing this to me?”

Max settles his weight along Stephanie’s back and then levers up onto his elbows. She’s tight against him, his length buried deep once again.

“Before that…” croons Max, licking and then scraping Stephanie’s neck with his teeth.

The girl whines and squirms, desperate for Max to fuck into her.

“…You said something before that, Stephanie.”

“Oh God,” moans the young blonde, a hand wedged between her body and the bed as she rubs at her clit. “I…” she sobs, “I said I love you.”

The full implication slams into max as he begins to move against the girl’s back. It’s love – she loves him. He knows it will be complicated but emotion swells inside his chest at the disclosure.

“Turn around,” the man groans, easing in to lower his face to Stephanie’s right side. “Look at me, Steph.”

The girl struggles to comply, her neck twisting, her tortured countenance coming round, green eyes fixing on Max’s face. “I’m sorry,” she mumbles, blinking, her stare sliding away. “I … I didn’t mean it. I got carried away.”

Max settles against the girl, deliberately pressing against her, his cock sinking deep. “Yes you did mean it, Steph,” he whispers, pushing his meat further into her rectum.

The girl moans, her eyes closing. Her head lolls and her mouth hangs slack. Then she recovers and opens her eyes, and when she levers around again she finds find her lover staring at her, his expression avid.

“Didn’t you, my pet,” sighs Max before craning in to kiss Stephanie’s mouth.

With Max buried deep, her anus packed with cock, Stephanie returns the kiss, hips jerking as she fingers her clit and pussy to a climax.

“I did,” Stephanie whimpers, the juddering beginning. “I love you, Daddy. I never want this to end. I want you in my arse. I want it always to be like this.”

They’re kissing when Stephanie comes. She whines and moans, body convulsing, two fingers in her cunt while Max moves in and out of her anus, his cock a greasy piston.

The kiss breaks and Stephanie winces. “I’m coming,” she mumbles, the words thick and clotted. “Oh, fuck … I’m there.”

Janet sits on the bed while it’s all going on. She stirs honey with three fingers inside her body, transfixed by the sights and sounds, awed by the tender moments the couple are sharing.

“I want that too,” she moans – but nobody is listening, Max and Stephanie are cocooned in their own little bubble. For them the world doesn’t exist.

Then Max rises again. His need is suddenly urgent. He fucks into Stephanie’s foamy rectum, the surge tinging through his core.

“Oh!” the blonde cries as Max’s body thwacks against her with meaty slaps of flesh. “That hurts,” she wails, pushing up to meet the vigorous downthrust. “Don’t stop,” she gasps, fingers scrabbling at the bed cover. “Fuck me. Fuck my muddy-hole. Bang it. Rip my arse to shreds with your lovely cock.”

It’s too much for Max and he pushes deep with one huge lunge. As he forces himself into the girl’s body Max bellows, teeth gnashing before he snarls at the wall and pours semen into the illicit cavern.

“Fuck,” Janet sobs, three stiff fingers fucking into her pussy, the liquid squelching an obscene accompaniment as she gasps and whimpers and groans.


Stephanie grins at her friend and says, “Let me get it wet first.” She points to the sofa in Janet’s living room. “Get on there. Kneel on it and stick your arse in the air.”

They’re both naked. It’s another after work drink which has led to more, a common occurrence since the lewd threesome they shared with Max.

Dark desire uncurls inside Janet when she hears the girl issue the instructions. “You going to lick it?” she warbles.

Nodding, Stephanie breathes, “Yes, Jan. I am.”

The older woman whines and moves quickly, eager to feel Stephanie’s squirmy tongue slithering into her taboo crevice.

When Janet is presented to her liking, Stephanie goes to her and squats behind her. She kneels, settling comfortably as her fingers spread Janet’s buttocks.

Her response to the sight of Janet’s gaping pussy and virgin sphincter is typical. Having learned her smutty vocabulary from her lover, the girl mutters, “Such a cute little smudge, Jan.” Stephanie ducks in quickly and laps at the other woman from clit to rectum. “Isn’t it so wrong, Jan? Don’t you think it’s just the nastiest…?

“Isn’t it fucking sexy feeling someone licking your muddy-hole?”

Janet wriggles in response, a low moan bubbling out of her. “I love it, Steph,” she squeaks. “I never imagined–”

Janet gasps, breaking off when the girl’s quick tongue probes deeper.

Stephanie goes at her friend for a minute or two. She licks indiscriminately, dabbing the puckered ring and slurping at the other woman’s swollen clit. Janet squeaks and yelps and purrs while mauling one heavy breast. She leans against the chair, supporting herself on one straight arm while doing her best to swivel at the waist so she can watch.

“Wait ‘til Max fucks your arse,” Stephanie sighs when she sees Janet staring at her with heavy-lidded desire.

The thought of it sends a sinker of anxiety into the pit of Janet’s stomach. Her mind is suddenly filled with the memory of Max and the terrible threat of his appendage.

“Oh,” the older woman moans, “I … I don’t know if I’ll be able to, Steph.”

The blonde stands and moves to the side of the chair. She grabs a handful of Janet’s hair and pulls, forcing her tongue between Janet’s lips. Her friend’s cry of pain and alarm and is abruptly muffled, the yelp turning to a moan of appreciation and enjoyment as the kiss lengthens and Stephanie slides a hand over Janet’s back, her fingers finding the other woman’s sex.

“I’ll help you,” the blonde girl whispers when she pulls back from the kiss momentarily. “I’ll train you, Jan.”

Then the couple are kissing again, with Stephanie’s fingers coaxing Janet closer and closer to orgasm.


It’s Saturday. There’s no work. As far as Stephanie is concerned it will be a day of play.

The girl steps up to the front door and presses the button. There’s a pause and then a click followed by Janet’s voice tinny through the intercom.

“It’s me,” Stephanie says, mouth close to the metal grill.

The buzzer sounds and the lock snicks open to allow Stephanie access to the block.

Janet is waiting for Stephanie inside, her eyes flicking to the plastic bag in the girl’s hand. “You’ve brought it?” she asks, her tone ambiguous.

“You don’t sound thrilled,” Stephanie replies. “Can I come in?”

Janet grimaces and mutters an apology. “Yes, of course. Sorry.” She eyes the bag with some trepidation. “I don’t know if–”

Stephanie’s eyes roll. She tuts, exasperated, her tongue clicking off the roof of her mouth. “Relax,” she says, pushing past her friend. “I’ll be gentle, Jan. It’ll be fine.” Inside the flat she turns and adds in a softer tone, “I promise I’ll make it good for you.”

Janet’s throat works while the pair stare at each other. “I’m so nervous,” she breathes.

The door slams after Stephanie moves forward two steps and reaches past Janet to push it closed. The girl reaches for her friend in the same movement, her arm curling around the other woman’s neck so she can pull Janet in for a kiss.

The moment stretches, their tongues sliding together in a serpentine swirl while Janet moans softly.

“It’ll be perfect,” Stephanie whispers, her forehead against Janet’s, their gazes locked.

Blinking and running a pink tongue over suddenly dry lips, Janet murmurs a soft, “Thank you,” then eases past the blonde towards the kitchen. “Is it too early for a drink?” she calls back.

Stephanie shrugs. “No … It’ll probably help you calm down, too.”

Five minutes later the two women are side-by-side on the sofa, fishbowl-sized glasses of white wine on the low coffee table in front of them. The plastic bag lies like a threat on the floor alongside the settee, its presence the elephant in the room which Janet struggles to ignore.

Stephanie is cool, her pose languid while she sits with her legs crossed, elbow against the arm of the sofa, long hair wound around one finger. She eyes her friend with some amusement and says, “Well, Jan, I think it’s time we got started.”

Janet lunges for her glass and gulps wine, eyes wide. “Already?” she gasps, coughing as some of the liquid slips down the wrong hole.

Bright-eyed, Stephanie uncrosses her legs and rises. She nods and says, “Why not? We could take it slow, Jan. You know, tease and get all worked up.” She winks at her friend before peeling her tee-shirt over her head. Standing in her bra and short skirt she regards Janet, fists on her hips. “It’ll be lovely. We can have a little drink and make each other all sexy before we get down to the serious stuff.”

Janet swallows heavily when she sees the girl’s attention flick to the plastic bag.

A minute or so later she’s naked, with Stephanie knelt between her legs, the girl’s gaze set right on the older woman’s cunt.

“You’re already wet, you saucy bitch,” Stephanie grins, her fingers holding Janet’s folds splayed. “God, look at you all hot and pink,” she adds. “Just relax, Jan. Let me have a taste.”

Stephanie uses her fingers and tongue to great effect and it doesn’t take long before she has Janet squirming. Janet’s fingers claw at the upholstery while the blonde teases her friend, with Stephanie coaxing Janet towards a climax. The girl leads Janet to the precipice before she stops, moving up the other woman’s body to kiss her mouth.

“That’s your pussy,” murmurs Stephanie, both hands caressing Janet’s breasts. “I want to taste my cunt on your tongue soon,” she adds. “I want you to kiss my pussy and make me come.”

They’re on the second bottle by the time Stephanie allows Janet to fall. The older woman is a writhing, gasping, tousle-haired mess when Stephanie eventually takes her to the edge and beyond.

“Oh!” Janet cries, eyes round with surprise when she announces she’s coming and Stephanie keeps licking and fingering. “Yes,” she hisses, blinking, agog, mouth falling open. “Keep going, Steph. Oh my God,” Janet squeals, feet coming up off the carpet, legs folding at the knees. “I’m going to do it. You’re … I’m … Oh fuck, oh shit…”

Eventually, when Janet has calmed and her breathing no longer comes in huge gasps the pair swap places. Janet kneels between the girl’s toned thighs, with Stephanie spreading her legs and blatantly exposing her glistening core.

“Right there, Jan,” Stephanie grunts, wincing when her fingertip slips over her clit. “Lick the button. Kiss my pussy.”

Janet rubs herself while she does as Stephanie desires. She’s a little crazy with it all, the heady excitement making her more daring than she would usually be.

When the girl lifts her feet and hooks the backs of her knees with her hands and Janet spots the puckered smudge of Stephanie’s sphincter the words come in a rush of lust. “I’m going to lick your arse,” Janet purrs, ducking in low. “Lift your bum up, Steph,” she squeaks urgently. “So I can get at you properly.”

“From behind,” the blonde yelps in delight. She levers forward and throws one leg over her friend’s head, a foot scything dangerously close to knocking Janet insensible. Kneeling and squirming round to look back over one shoulder and with a hand clawing at one taut globe, Stephanie holds herself open. “There … Now you can get me, Jan. Oh God, yes,” she coos when her friend’s tongue squirms into her rectum. “Do it to my nasty little bottom, Jan. I’m so fucking horny, babe. I think you might have to fuck my arse with the dildo too.”

The rubber cock comes out of the bag. Stephanie hands it to Janet who holds it one hand and looks at it, staring at the detail of the knobbly shaft and big domed head.

She gives a start, jumping when Stephanie’s voice breaks her reverie.

“Lube it up,” the blonde gasps, two fingers working inside her anus while she fucks three stiff digits of her other hand in and out of her pussy. Stephanie is laid on her side, pelvis angled so her heart-shaped derriere is perfectly presented for Janet to use the dildo with ease. “My arse, Jan,” the girl whines, nose wrinkling as she winces at her friend. “Fuck my dirty-hole. Make me squeal, babe.”

The urge to dominate the blonde boils inside Janet. It’s an unfamiliar sensation, and totally uncharacteristic, but she finds herself snarling at the girl to thrust her hips back further. “Stick it out,” Janet growls. “Let me see you stretch yourself open, Steph. That’s it,” the woman gasps when Stephanie spreads her buttocks wider apart. “Let me get a look at all of you.”

The sight of the girl’s pussy siping desire causes an arterial burst of lust to explode inside Janet. She gawps at the puckered ring of Stephanie’s sphincter and marvels at how such a tiny aperture could accommodate something as thick as Max’s cock.

“Your boyfriend is going to fuck my arse, isn’t he?” Janet squeaks as she presents the cock-head to Stephanie’s rectum. “He’s so fucking big, Steph. But I want to feel it. I want to experience it.”

Mewling, Stephanie replies with, “Use the dildo on me, Jan, then I’ll help you. I’ll train you,” she adds, her words melting into a long groan, eyes closing, the rubber cock sliding into her body. “Fuck me with it,” Stephanie moans. “Hard, Jan. use my bottom like Max does. It has to be rough.”

When Janet is finished, she slumps to the carpet, the rubber cock dangling from Stephanie’s anus, half its length still embedded inside the girl.

Meanwhile, as an awed Janet looks on, Stephanie collapses onto the settee, sprawling onto her front sobbing and gasping while sucking in great draughts of air. Her heart is bouncing inside the rack of her ribs when her face swivels towards Janet. “Oh my God, Jan,” the girl says, breathless. “That was so fucking good…”

It takes a few minutes but Stephanie finally calms enough to sit upright. She reaches for her glass with a shaking hand.

A few quick sips later and she eyes Janet, expression sly. “Your turn, bitch,” she smirks.

Janet blinks up at her from the floor and mewls, “Oh God…”


“Hello, Daddy,” Stephanie purrs. She poses for Max while deliberately lingering at the door so anyone who might walk past can see her. The thought of being seen naked thrills Stephanie.

Max smiles and takes hold of the girl around the waist with both hands. “Hello, babe,” he growls, smiling as he moves in close to kiss her. When the kiss breaks Max looks into the hotel room, frowning as he says, “Where is she?”

Excited to see her lover but disappointed nobody has gone past, Stephanie’s head tilts, lower lip between her teeth, expression almost feral. “She’s here. She’s hiding. I…” Rolling her eyes, the girl corrects herself. We’ve got a surprise for you.”

Max’s eyebrows arch with interest. “What might that be?” he asks, releasing his lover so he can ease past her.

Stephanie closes the door and breathes, “Wait and see.” She moves in front of Max and drapes her arms around his neck. “I love you,” she murmurs, suddenly shy.

This is a dilemma for Max. He’s concerned by the emotional attachment Stephanie has formed, his marital status just one issue. Max worries for the girl and himself, not least because her admission has made him realise he has strong feelings for her as well. Max is beginning to realise it’s a reciprocal deal and he might be losing control over his life.

With Stephanie pressed close, her lithe body squirming against him and her tongue in his mouth, Max is assailed by a volley of emotional arrows. Thoughts and impressions clamour for attention inside his head: he should never have started it in the first place; he should get out immediately and try to push the blonde from his mind and erase her from his heart. She’s so young, but so gorgeous; she has the face of an angel yet her soul is as depraved as his. The things she does, the things she says…

“It’s dangerous to fall in love, Stephanie,” Max croaks. “I’m married … How many years are there between us?”

Stephanie’s green-eyed gaze is unwavering. She stares at Max, one corner of her mouth lifting. “I don’t care about any of that,” she purrs, rubbing her pubis against her lover’s thigh. “I don’t want a husband … I don’t even want you full-time.” Stepping away from Max she holds his stare with her eyes. “I’m happy with this. I’m happy with you as my Daddy.”

Max gulps, his stiff cock pulsing when she says it in her little-girl lisp and gives him an up-an-under look.

“I love doing all this dirty stuff with you,” Stephanie continues, her fingers going to the zip in Max’s suit trousers. “This thing with you and me and Jan…”

It’s intense. The girl’s voice is a narcotic murmur while she slowly cranks Max’s cock in an underhand grip. Desire explodes inside him and he groans, eyes closing as his tongue slides around his lips.

“Oh fuck, Stephanie,” croaks Max.

“There’s more I want to do,” Stephanie continues as she alters her grip and really yanks at his cock. “I want to do everything with you, Daddy. I’ll do anything.”

Even in the midst of the fog clouding his mind, Max has a fleeting thought about the scale of “anything”. He vaguely wonders what boundaries the girl might have and a shiver of anticipation at the prospect of discovering just what the lovely blonde is prepared to do ripples through him. He swallows heavily again, Stephanie’s fist and the proximity of her nudity taking him close to squirting his seed all over the carpet.

“Oh God,” Max moans, face slack as he grasps Stephanie’s wrist. “Stop,” he gurgles, eyes wide, jaw tensing with the strain. “I’m come … Stop it.”

“Oh dear,” Stephanie pouts, amusement in her eyes and tone of her voice. Is my Daddy excited?”

“You know I am, you little bitch,” Max gasps, wiping a hand across his brow. Recovering, he adds, “You’re incredible, Stephanie.”

When Max steps in close, the enormous jib is sticking out of his trousers. Max kisses his lover, pre-cum smearing over the girl’s upper thigh while they remain locked together for a minute or more, tongues gliding and swirling. When they part a silvery hawser connects them for a second, the delicate thread breaking to leave Stephanie’s unblemished skin sullied with a smear of Max’s need.

“A drink?” Stephanie asks.

Max shakes his head in refusal.

“Then let’s get you out of those clothes,” the girl purrs as she moves in to unfasten Max’s tie.

It doesn’t take long until Max finds himself as naked as his lover. He’s on the bed, erection slightly diminished – which he considers no bad thing since he could use a little cooling-off period.

Stephanie stands there in an Amazon pose: feet planted on the floor, fists on her hips, her stare almost belligerent.

“Don’t you touch your cock,” the blonde admonishes, waving a forefinger as though she’s a particularly strict schoolmarm disciplining a truculent pupil. “I don’t want you to come too early.” Stephanie smirks and finishes with, “You’ve got two of us to play with today.”

She leaves Max staring at her rear-end and dances to the bathroom, throwing a grin and a wink over one shoulder as she goes. A few moments later she guides Janet into the room, leading the older woman in at the end of a silver chain attached to a leather collar around Janet’s throat.

Without knowing he’s doing it Max jack-knifes forward, jaw dropping open when he sees the shoes, the stockings, Janet’s suspender belt and corset.

Janet’s breasts bubble over the corset cups, her expression anxious.

“Fucking hell,” the man sighs, blinking at Stephanie.

“For you,” the blonde announces, tugging gently at the chain.


She’s trembling. Her legs feel weak, knees watery. There’s a maelstrom in the pit of her stomach: a storm of anxiety, of fear, delicious anticipation and aching need. Janet looks at Max and sees the length of him laid there, her focus going to Stephanie while she gulps in terror.

The precipitous heels are deadly, near impossible to walk in and purely for show. Janet feels both ridiculous and sexy in her dishabille. There’s no way she would have chosen the stockings and corset for herself, but Stephanie insisted – a supremely perceptive twist for a girl only nineteen years old. Despite her age Janet feels naïve. She might be fifteen years older than Stephanie but has a sense her views and attitudes are parochial and unsophisticated when she compares herself to the girl. Stephanie might be young but certainly has a certain flair for the libidinous.

“It’ll be fine,” Stephanie whispers a moment before her tongue slips between Janet’s lips. “You’re ready. Relax.” The girl scoops one breast from Janet’s corset, hefting the weighty orb with two hands and squeezing tit-flesh while sucking on one nipple. “Enjoy it,” she adds on a murmur, licking her friend’s tongue before pirouetting away.

The chain dangles while Janet gazes at the sight of Stephanie slurping Max’s erection. She stares at Stephanie, entranced by the girl’s distorted face, her lips stretched bloodless as she struggles to accommodate the girth.

Holding Max in her mouth Stephanie beckons to Janet with a wave of one arm. She grabs at the chain when the older woman eventually steps forward, pulling Janet to join her on the bed.

“You now,” the girl hisses, forcing Janet closer. Stephanie holds Max’s cock upright with one fist. “Suck him,” she breathes.

Lust boils inside Janet. Her inhibitions evaporate and she’s suddenly euphoric, reckless and eager for it all.

In a burst of frantic mewling and gasping Janet reaches for Max and tugs the length of him. She moves up to kiss Max, offering her tongue to Stephanie after groaning her desire into his open mouth.

A moment later and Janet is astride the man. She reaches down between her legs and heaves up onto her knees so she can offer her opening to the slippery cock-head.

“Fuck, it’s big,” Janet moans, sinking down. She winces and groans, head lolling when the mass of the thing stuffs her cunt. “It’s fucking lovely!” she cries, leaning forward to rest her weight on straight arms, buttocks flexing, breasts swinging.

“God yeah…” Max responds, his hands going for Janet’s heavy tits.

Stephanie rolls off the bed and stands alongside, fingers between her legs. “Fuck him,” she breathes, enthralled at seeing Janet’s pussy bulging on the outstroke. “Oh fuck,” the girl squeaks when she spots creamy blobs of Janet’s need clinging to Max’s long shaft. “Dirty, sexy, nasty,” she whines, squirming.

Janet is grunting, her need a bestial urge to rut. She fucks up and down and levers back-and-forth, corkscrewing her pelvis, taking Max deep, climax already simmering.

It goes on in a desperate tussle. For Janet it’s about getting there quickly while, for Max, it’s more a case of holding on to what he’s got. The woman squeaks and groans, buttocks thwack-thwack-thwacking while she sobs out for Max to suck her tits.

“I’m going to–” groans Janet, her mouth seeking Max’s lips. “Oh fuck, kiss me. Kiss me and fuck me while I come. It’s there,” she squeals, grinding down, big breasts squashed against Max’s chest. “I’m there … Oh … Oh fuck…”


They’re on the bed with her. Janet can feel the bed dipping and then there are hands on her buttocks, fingers splaying the cheeks. Janet blushes, knowing they can see all of her: the delicate sphincter and her sodden, gaping cunt. She feels so vulnerable as she is.

“A little lube,” Janet hears Stephanie murmur. “Just to make it nice and greasy,” the blonde adds, her fingers smearing gloopy unguent over Janet’s puckered ring.

Janet struggles to twist round so she can see what’s going on. She gasps and squirms, reluctant now the moment is on her. “You shouldn’t be here,” she whines.

A dark chuckle bubbles out of Stephanie, the sound reminding Janet of a clogged drain gurgling as the blockage clears.

“Too late,” the blonde murmurs. Her voice comes from a place close to the older woman’s ear. Janet moans when she feels Stephanie’s finger probing her anus. “It’s time for the real thing, babe,” the girl continues, sliding the digit in further. “Stop wriggling…”

“Yowch!” cries Janet when the flat of Stephanie’s hand stings her right buttock.

“Lie still,” the blonde hisses. “You’ll be fine. You’ll fucking love it.”

Janet squirms hard for a few seconds and then gives up the fight on a long sigh. “Oh God,” she whimpers, a delicious thrill of anticipation squeezing her guts. “Do it then. Put it in. Fuck me there.”

The bed heaves again while a weight settles over Janet. She gulps and claws at the quilt with Stephanie holding her open.

Janet knows it’s only seconds away. The time is now. Her cock-virgin rectum is about to take the real thing.

At first it’s the same as the training. Janet feels something dense and blunt nudging her sphincter. There’s a pressure back there, something firm yet pliant forcing itself against her body. The tight ring of muscle resists, repelling the intruder shoving at her so insistently.

Janet gasps as the relentless force refuse to be denied.

“Fuck,” the woman grunts. “It’s too big…”

“It isn’t,” Stephanie whispers. “I can see it,” the girl adds with an excited squeak. “It’s going to go in. You’re all greasy … It’s going to slip right in.”

Janet squirms and groans, forcing herself up onto her elbows, breasts brushing the bed while Max lies along her back, his weight up on straight arms.

In spite of her protests Janet’s pelvis tilts to offer a better angle for penetration. She moans and sobs, desperate to take Max into her rectum. The pressure increases, insistent, Max forcing his big cock-head against Janet’s hesitant sphincter.

The pair yelp simultaneously when there’s a sudden slide, with Max finally popping past the puckered valve. Janet feels her rectum abruptly packed with a dense mass and claws at the bed, a huge gasp bursting from her chest.

“Jesus … Fucking hell … Oh, you big fucker!” the woman mewls, teeth bared in a grimace of pain and pleasure.

It’s awful, her anus is on fire, Max is too big, there’s too much of him for her tight, tender body.

It’s beautiful, Max is stuffing himself into her rectum and Janet has never felt so full of a man. She’s taking all of Max in one long glide, her body accommodating his awful length and terrible girth – and Janet loves it. She fucking adores it…

“Fuck her,” Stephanie whispers, her gaze fixed on where Janet’s body is stretched around Max. She rubs herself, tickling her clit to goad herself towards a climax. “Tear her dirt-box apart with that big fucking thing.”


They’ve moved, shifted position by rolling onto their sides. Janet rubs at herself, fingers busy at her clit and pussy while Max holds onto her pelvis and buggers her with unrestrained enthusiasm.

Stephanie has wanked to a noisy orgasm and is sitting on the bed, her hands mauling Janet’s rolling breasts as the women kiss.

At the same time, Max grunts and gasps, his cock slippery, lube burned to a foamy residue while he slides in and out of Janet’s rectum with metronomic regularity.

“How does it feel?” asks Stephanie, expression avid.

Janet’s head rolls. She winces and gasps, eyes opening as she stares glassy-eyed and vacant at the blonde girl looking at her so intently.

Janet mumbles something incomprehensible, a deep sob following.

Then she chews her bottom lip, nose crinkling before a grin splits her face. “It’s fucking gorgeous,” Janet wails, a hand reaching for Stephanie. “Squeeze my tits,” she adds, pulling the girl’s hand to her breasts. “Feel me, Steph. Touch me all over. Rub my clit … Finger my pussy.” Janet gasps, her climax coming at her like a train. “Kiss me … Fuck me … Both of you…”

Her first orgasm rolls on and on. Janet grunts and groans and writhes and babbles nonsense as the sensations take her. The burn in her anus is now one long pulse of delight. She’s taking all of Max, her body accepting him with ease, his girth stretching her while the big bulb spreads her open inside. It’s like nothing before; she’s full of him, packed to the brim with man-meat, her pleasure sublime, the satisfaction immense.

Max slides out while Janet squeals and writhes. He jacks his cock and lets Stephanie haul her friend around bodily until the older woman is on her back. Then Max hooks the back of Janet’s knees around his arms, spreading her wide while shifting her hips to angle her cunt towards him. In that position, with Janet helpless and vulnerable, Max introduces the head of his cock to her anus again. A shirt lunge and he’s back inside, invading Janet’s rectum so abruptly her eyes fly open and she gasps.

Stephanie knee-walks alongside and kisses Max before easing two fingers into Janet’s pussy. “This is what I was talking about,” the blonde mutters to Max. “I want to do this and more with you, babe. God, just look at it … Just look at her. See what I did? I trained this slut to take your cock in her arsehole. I want all this and lots more, Daddy. We can have such a good time together.”

They kiss again while Stephanie’s fingers curl inside Janet, the girl rubbing hard.

Janet bellows in response. She yelps and cries out, tortured face twisted into a mask of absolute pleasure. “I’m going to come again!” she shouts, writhing. “Oh! Oh fuck…”

“Do you want to do nasty things with me?” asks Stephanie with her stare locked on Max’s eyes. “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll gang-fuck … I’ll drink your cum … Anything,” Stephanie groans, her free hand going from Janet’s breasts to her own clit.

“Shit,” Max grunts, wall-eyed, teeth bared in a snarl of lust. “I’m going to–”

“Pull it out and wank on her cunt,” the blonde girl whines. “Go on, come, let me watch it spit out.”

Jizm flicks across Janet’s vulva. Spunk glistens in the thick mat of her pubic bush, the dense triangle of hair Stephanie has sculpted at the apex of Janet’s cleft spattered with tick gobs. Max tugs hard and more of the hot stuff squirts out, a heavy outpouring of ejaculate which dribbles as a viscous ooze over Janet’s meaty labia, cum sliding through the crease between her buttocks.

Max gasps and groans, semen arcing from him as he fists his length. He gapes in wide-eyed shock, stunned by the lewd display when his lover ducks in to lick jizm from Janet’s body.

He’s still staring as the obscenity spills from his mouth, an epithet of awe as the girl offers his cum to Janet. “Fucking hell,” Max gasps when he sees the older woman sucking cum from the blonde’s tongue. “Dirty fucking whores,” he adds as Stephanie dips her head down once again, her tongue lapping creamy spunk from Janet’s vulva.

“You shouldn’t be here,” the man whispers to himself while wondering what else Stephanie has in mind for them both.